Coexistence with covid19: Must Follow Health Habits


Hello all, hope you all going well at home with all safety precautions against pandemic Covid19. Lourdes hospital, one among the top hospitals in India back to you with yet another blog – The Must follow healthy habits in and after this COVID19 pandemic. As the corona pandemic has emerged, humans all over the world just upgrade their healthy lifestyle which they even followed. In this blog, we are going to discuss this mandatory upgrade of a healthy lifestyle which one should follow to the next years. 

The emergence of Covid19 pandemic brings down the world to such a stage – Before covid19 and after covid19. The most important part is, when these government restrictions like lockdown end, its the beginning of the next stage. This stage is much more crucial. The humans are compelled to co-exist with this pandemic virus. Since there is neither any successful vaccine invented for this virus, the co-existence with covid19 needs a higher level of care and health consciousness, Lets it be the new lifestyle for health care in this century. 

Since the economy of the nation goes wrong due to covid19, the lockdown practice is not a far long practice. And thus this emerged the social co-existence with covid19 began. Regarding this present situation, one must maintain a balanced lifestyle to safeguard our mental and physical health. 

The New Strategies for Social Well being is rewritten and is the new part of our lifestyle.

  • The face mask should be a part of daily life.
  • Washing hands with soap or hand wash in 20 minutes interval need to be a normal practice
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a regular part of daily life. 
  • Maintain social distance in public – keep at least one meter away from others.
  • Avoid touching eyes nose and mouth with hands. This is the main way through which the virus enters your body through touchable. 
  • Make sure the people around you are maintaining certain respiratory and personal hygiene.
  • Homemade foods are widely recommended including nutritious food and certain foods that increase the immunity and metabolism that we have discussed on our previous blog.

And, also these are the main points that one should strictly maintain in their daily routine. 

Apart from this, the lockdown period that we are staying at home should maintain practices for certainly. Let us check out those.

  • Keep yourself active:
  • Make a timetable for your day.
    Make a habit like waking up early, doing daily routines including exercises. It is good to dress up as one do like when going to work or going to school.
  • Work and learn as much as possible and make sure you are done well.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Comply with all medical updates from trusted sources.
  • Find your own time to relax. 

And let us check out  the don’t things in during these periods:

  • Reduce smartphone notifications
  • Don’t even think or imagine about a worst-case scenario regarding the crescent situation.
  • Try not top sleep at the day time. This may adversely affect the quality of sleep leading to mental illness.
  • Spending too much time in corona related researches like reading articles, news about the coronavirus may generate even more worries and concerns.
  • Don’t hide your feeling and thoughts from the people around you.

Remember, It’s a temporary situation this time too shall pass. Stay positive, be a responsible citizen with modern hygienic factors.

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