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LOURDES HOSPITAL, in 59 years, has scripted one of the most magnificent stories of 'Love in Service'. The Archdiocese of Verapoly found Pachalam as the therapeutic landscape in the district plagued by gaps in health infrastructure, delivery and affordability. With half a century old saga, Lourdes Hospital relentlessly reaches out to the community guided by the needs of patients and their families. The cost of treatment at Lourdes has continuously been lower than any other healthcare institutions. At the Golden Jubilee Year, Lourdes partners with communities to improve and sustain health and well-being of the society we serve. Service at Lourdes is the confluence of seven values which form the beacon for Lourdeans to grow higher in excellence. Lourdes highly values, innocently appreciates and purely radiates the noble and unabated commitment to nurture excellence in healthcare.

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