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The department of Radiology Imaging at Lourdes Hospital offers complete range of diagnostic and interventional radiology services. The department conducts all Conventional, Routine and Special Contrast Studies and has modern state-of-the-art equipment. Our team of radiologists and radiology technologists have in depth knowledge and experience in Radiology. Our consultant radiologists are trained at some of the World’s best hospitals and are experts in all aspects of imaging. The department is open 24 x 7 for all routine and emergency imaging services

Facilities & Services

  • MRI: 1.5 Tesla Machine
  • All studies of Brain, Spine, Abdomen, (MRCP, MR Urography and Pelvis) MR Angio (Brain and Peripheral) Musculoskeletal (Shoulder, Knee, Wrist Ankle) done.
  • CT: 16 Slice MDCT. All studies of Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Brain, PNS Face, Neck, Angio (Brain, Neck, Aortogram and Peripheral Angiogram).Pelvis, Spine and limb fractures done.
  • USG: Antenatal, Abdomen, Pelvis, Shoulder, Limb, Neck, Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum.
  • Doppler: Carotid, Arterial, Venous, Renal, Post Renal Transplant, Antenatal.
  • Procedure: Pleural and Ascitic Aspirations, Thyroid, Breast Biopsies, Liver Biopsy, Guiding for Renal Biopsy.
  • X-Ray: Chest, Limb, Joint, Spine, KUB, PNS
  • Skull Spinal Procedures: IVU, MCU, RGU, Nephrostogram, Barium Swallow, Enema, BMFT, Fistulogram.



DNB Residents

  • Dr. Surender Bana MBBS
  • Dr. Jobin Mathew Jose MBBS, DMRD
  • Dr. Vijaya Tejaswini Chintada MBBS
  • Dr. S Shravan Kumar MBBS
  • Dr. George Sunny MBBS, DMRD
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