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The Department of Anaesthesiology supports all specialities and provides inter-disciplinary medical care. The applications of Anaesthesia include surgery, Diagnostics, Critical Care and Pain management. Our trained team of Anaesthesiologists provide patient-centred services in perioperative clinical services in Surgery and allied specialties including critical care and pain management.

The department functions 24/7

Facilities & Services

  • Pre-anaesthetic evaluation
  • Monitored anaesthesia care
  • Intricate monitoring intra operatively and post operatively
  • Labour analgesia
  • Anaesthesia for ECT, MRI, Neuro radiological procedures
  • Medical post graduate training (DNB) in Anaesthesiology
  • ACLS, BLS training
  • Ventilator support to post-operative cases
  • Haemo dynamic support and Ventilator support to Surgical patients
  • Course for diploma in Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technician (DME Approved)
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitoring
  • Invasive and Non- invasive ventilation
  • ARDS Ventilation
  • BiPAP facility
  • Sepsis Management



DNB Residents

  • Dr. Farah Fatima Nizar MBBS
  • Dr. Miteshkumar Mukeshbhai Patel MBBS
  • Dr. Fazil K MBBS
  • Dr. Nirmal J MBBS
  • Dr. Saheer P MBBS
  • Dr. Ambili Krishnan MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Shabna Ummer MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Neethu Rebecca Issac MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Vineesh Joseph MBBS
  • Dr. Sandhya Ravi MBBS
  • Dr. Ashwini B Nair MBBS
  • Dr. Princy Chandran MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Anu Francis MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Silpa A R MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Liya K Y MBBS
  • Dr. Jubairiya K MBBS
  • Dr. Deepak P B MBBS
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